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Dental anxiety is a very common occurrence in patients, which is why many choose not to visit the dentist for regular check-ups. At Milburn Dental Office in Fresno, we want to assure our patients that we put their comfort above anything else. That being said, we do offer a variety of comfort aids to make everyone’s visit with us more enjoyable.

To book a relaxing and painless dental appointment, call Milburn Dental at (559) 825-0990 or visit our Fresno Dental Office at 6721 N Milburn Ave Ste 101, Fresno.

We use the following comfort aids in our office:

Local Anesthetic in Dentistry

Topical Anesthetic: A flavored ointment is applied inside the mouth to numb the area the dentist will be working on. Usually, a topical ointment is applied to relieve pain when administering a local anesthetic.

Local Anesthetic: A medicine that is injected directly into the gum or inner cheek to numb part of the patient’s mouth. Often, a patient will feel numb for some time after the appointment, making it difficult to eat or drink. This is completely normal. We do ask anyone experiencing pain upon the numbness subsiding to give us a call immediately.

Sedation: For anyone afraid of the dentist’s chair, sedation dentistry ensures an anxiety-free dental experience.

We can help arrange a professional to come in to help perform administer sedation.

We have four levels of sedation:

  1. Minimal: Oral medication (Ativan, Rezipan) can be provided before treatment or a procedure. This type of medication does not put a patient to sleep but instead keeps them completely relaxed for a period of time.
  2. Moderate: The patient will be conscious during and after the procedure, but they may not remember the procedure. There might also be a slurring of words for a short time.
  3. Deep: The patient will be on the edge of consciousness during the procedure, but can still be woken up at any time if need be.
  4. General Anesthetic: Generally used during longer medical procedures, the patient will be in a deep sleep the entire time and shortly afterward.

Before any of these types of sedation are administered, it is important we have your up-to-date medical history so that we know what medications you are taking and if you have any allergies.


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